Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Committment & Forms

I've created all sorts of to-do lists for my life: must do before I die, places I must live before settling down, quarterly professional development checklists, and things to complete tomorrow. I use the items on my list as goals to drive my behavior. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the peripheral bragging rights that come along with checking off any goal. 

Huong, one of the trainers at the gym, presented what may possibly be an opportunity of a lifetime: a body transformation contest with her as my mentor. The first thought to pop into my head was "Ohh, an item off of my must-do-before- I - die list - to compete in a figure competition." The second thought was, "A professional IFBB figure competitor as my mentor for a body transformation contest!" Really, how many other pro-competitors am I going to meet who will actually want to help me with more than just the google-able gym tips! 

Tight Curves is sponsoring the contest. The judging criteria is simple. 

Challengers will be judged on the degree of transformation achieved in the 12 week period, by a panel of fitness industry professionals. It will be based on the "look" of the challenger, so clear pictures are a must... Amount of weight lost, dress size reduction, and body fat percentage change are all good to send; however, the major judging criteria will be the look of the participant. 

The criteria is simple enough to understand - you gotta look good at the end of this! I've achieved visible results before. I committed 6-weeks with Judd to look good for Denise's wedding. I had to put in 110% at CrossFit regularly and ate clean. Eating clean became a challenge after my goal of looking good for the wedding was completed. I'll just have to double my weeks of determination for this competition.

I let a couple of days pass, so the infatuation over the idea of being a figure competior, winning $1500, and being in a national ad passed. I needed reality to set in and for myself to answer all my self-doubting and committment phobic questions.  With everything answered, I was in! I signed and faxed in the entry form. 

Here I go! This will be first goal completed on my life goals list!