Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bikini competition

Huong let me borrow her official Olympia dvd to motivate me. She was invited on competed in the pro-figure competition. What she really wanted me to view as the bikini model contest. Yes, just the title "bikini model" does not sound impressive. Images that come to mind are string bikinis, cut-off jean shorts, unnaturally large breasts, blondes...

Bikini models are new to the figure and body building world. The contest at Olympia was the first professional one. In 2009, many of the famed contests such as the Arnold Classic are having their first amateur bikini contests.

The models at Olympia ranged from jaw-dropping six packs to a thick music video type of girl. Standards for bikini models have not been clearly defined. Most of the girls definitely had enhanced chests that were more so defined by their push-up bikini tops. That alone did not make me feel too good about this competition. The display of fake boobs was too overt. In figure competitions, competitors do have fake breasts but it's not displayed in a manner that it's the most noticeable feature on a competitor's body. Then came the emcee, who commented along the lines of "how are we going to judge a winner with so many good looking girls. How about a hot oil body wrestling contest." Really?! C'mon now. How can I compete in such an unrespected contest? I'm turned off to the idea of paying to compete in a sexist competition. I work hard for my end product to be respected not to be degraded by some asshole on stage.

I told Huong my concerns. She said that this upcoming year, the tone of the competition will be different. The girls want it to be competitive. She encouraged me to try to do the bikini competition whether at the Arnold or at Contra Costa County's show. It's the first time that it's around so you want to be a pioneer in the field before its popularity is gained and more and more guidelines are in place. Makes sense... let's see how this body transformation competition goes first...