Monday, February 2, 2009

One month to go...

Wow, how quickly this competition has passed. All the times that I put off the extra cardio sessions have really slapped me in the face. At 144, I'm still battling the belly fat. Huong's advice to squeeze in 20 minutes of cardio anytime is really resonating with me now. I'm need to (ie. not "try" to) make time for it.

Today, I did fairly well. With my recently inherited work responsibilities, my Mondays and most of my Tuesdays are booked with back to back meetings. Hence less time for me to wander to the kitchen to eye the chips and sodas. I confessed to Huong today that I've been sipping diet sodas at lunch. Oh, how sweet they taste after not having them for so long. I know, the sodium, the carbonation, the spike in blood sugar... mmm... so good. The thought of her look of death will now be stopping me in my tracks.