Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Building momentum

Since the Transformation Contest, I had a medical set back. I was hospitalized for a week with perforated diverticulitis and was on doctors' orders to not return to the gym for the following four weeks. Five weeks off track, I was unable to compete in the Contra Costa show in early May. I rested most of June until I started regaining energy. Hitting the gym the first day back was painful because I had to start with the small weights since I had lost so much strength. The good thing is I'm pretty much in remission and only have a diet void of nuts and seeds (you don't realize how many things have seeds on them, until you can't eat them).

I've been getting in the mental mode of preparing for competition - figuring out a nutritious diet with lots of fiber, protein, non-starchy cards, and snacks that didn't consist of handfuls of almonds (I'm going to really miss Miss Mae's Almond Clusters!). For the most part, I have a very good idea of what and when I should be eating. Now need to work on consistency of my diet and timing of meals.

For training, I'm back to pushing myself to the limit. Strength is back. Training 2-3x per week with Huong ( To keep working out fun, I'm taking a beginner's hip hop class and possibly a beginner's breakdancing class (holla!) a couple nights a week. Being a GOOD dancer has definitely been on my to-do list. Very excited that I can incorporate it into my weekly routine! I'm also doing Huong and Wendy's "Hard-Core Bootcamp" on Saturday mornings in Campbell. I love traning, but I still dislike conditioning aka cardio. I think Huong just calls it conditioning in hopes of getting me past the negative associations I have with "cardio." Evil, but very necessary (oh… I made a Salt 'n Peppa allusion :) I was secretly estatic inside when Huong said that my running had improved during one of our track workouts… too bad that was just the first 200yd sprint that we did.

All the prep is so that I can step on stage for bikini (I know, not my first choice, but these girls are getting harder with each show) on October 10th for the SF show. Wish me luck!