Friday, August 28, 2009

Power of Verbal Praise

Huong can be a tough cookie. She definitely knows how to motivate me by giving me her death look when I complain or start to doubt my strength. I admit that I'm one who pushes to see how far I can get with slacking off when I'm lazy or tired. Huong puts a quick stop to that. So when she says things like "You look good today" or "You are so wide" or "You need to take advantage of your natural athletic build," my self-esteem just shoots through the roof. Inside, I'm thinking, "Alright! My hard works is paying off!" and I lift that much more.

6 weeks out til the October 10th show and this morning Huong said that I looked good! Hurrah! Way to start the weekend! My goal tomorrow is to get 2 compliments out her during the group track workout… This will be tough as I'm not one for running :)

Yeah... I listen to what she says. She definitely knows what she's talking about.