Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's on...

Hurrah! I've been accepted into Tight Curves' Brownie Diet Challenge! I'm super excited about this! This is my second chance to really kick some butt in a challenge.

For this challenge, the competition is really against one's self. 12 women have been choosen to lose weight between the ranges of 20-80 lbs, depending on what each person's current & goal weight. Challengers who reach their goal weight at the end of 14 weeks will recieve prize money and will be featured in TC promotions!

Tight Curves will equip us with a sample diet, delicious protein powder (for drinks and for the TC Brownies), Top Secret Fat Burners, and, of course, Kristal and Tom's support. I can't wait to see if Nathaniel will like the TC brownies. Definitely going to be a huge score, if he does :)

We'll have to submit regular video blogs (not sure where to yet) and also have to weigh-in each Sunday morning... I've gotten started on the video taping section. I've been wanting to start a video blog for quite sometime now and this is the perfect outlet to do so...

I'm still waiting to recieve the products and for the official start... wish me a strong finish!


Sobrina Tung said...

Woohoo! can't wait to see more videos!