Thursday, July 15, 2010

Results of the Contra Costa Show 2010

I need to keep up with my blog posts... I didn't realize I hadn't posted pictures from the Contra Costa show. I'd be happy to re-live that day with you :) It was so fun to go through the prep and the pre-stage jitters and to finally step on stage. I realized the importance of practicing posing when I went up there. The judges are not people you look to when you are on stage for reassurance because they are probably not smiling or giving you the thumbs up. I was the first competitor in my class to go on stage. Pretty scary for it to be my first show. I had fun with it and tried to exude confidence as much as possible. Overall, I placed 10 out of 15, not bad. It wasn't last, which was my goal. So, now I can check-off "compete in my first show" off my "To-Do Before I Turn 27" list :) Yeah!

The day before the show with "competition color" Jan Tana spray.

Me with the Ray's Built Tuff Gym crew

Post-show: Sobrina was amazed by the drastic tan.

Yeah! #1 - no matter what!