Monday, March 7, 2011

My Second (and Last) NPC Bikini Show

The Excalibur is the last show of the NPC season. Athletes who want to give it one last try or have been training all season to debut are here. For this reason, the show is highly competitive. Bikini had over 100 competitors.

My purpose of competing in this show wasn't to win. National Bikini is not my goal. Rather, I set out to
  1. Do prep right - no crash dieting, sticking to my nutrition, training, & cardio plan til the end,
  2. Look better than my last show by sculpting the best bikini physique I could, and
  3. Practice stage presentation.
I met those goals :) I made third call out for my class and felt great (and didn't get the shakes) on stage.

backstage right before pre-judging

After eating my first post-contest meal - love the fullness in my arms


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