Sunday, May 29, 2011

CrossFit Total: Ultimate Functional Strength Test

This morning we tested our functional strength with my favorite CrossFit WOD, CrossFit Total. CrossFit Total is your one rep max (1-RM) of three lifts: back squat, deadlift and shoulder press. If you were training at "the box" (what CrossFitters refer to their gym as), you'd get three attempts per lift. For our workout, we did warm-up lifts and then began with our max reps.

{warming up with 155# on my first attempt}

I hear the phrase "functional training" often around gyms. The formal definition seems to vary and generally refers to exercises that build strength and stability for everyday movements through enhancing the coordination of muscle groups and of your muscular and nervous systems. Whereas non-functional exercises focus on one range of movement or the isolation of a specific muscle group. Most machines at the gym would be considered non-functional.

{using a stool can help you gauge when you
have reached full squat form}

Squats are a popular and important functional movement. The movement transferred into real life would be the ability to get up and down from a seat or lifting a heavy box. It engages muscles ranging from your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even core. Strengthening these muscle groups through squats build strength more efficiently since the muscles will need to work together in the movement than if you were to build the muscles individually (through leg extensions, ham curls, sit-ups, butt blasters).

It's always good to vary your workouts. Mixing in functional movements with non-functional movements is a good way to keep your muscles engaged and guessing.

{lifting isn't always pretty :)
digging deep for my 2nd attempt 1-RM 75#}

{AT racking her weights for her deadlift}

{deadlifting 125# was just a warm-up for her}

{mike - my biggest competition today,
I hate getting beat by boys}

{Deb for her second deadlift attempt.}

{our Totals}

I PR'd for Back Squat 180#, Shoulder Press 85#, Deadlift 210#! I wasn't the only one who PR'd. I think everyone PR'd in at least two of their lifts. It was a good morning! Consistent training and cleaning up our diets is working! I will say that I was fatigued when I pulled the 210#. I started to round my back. I'll feel it tomorrow. Should take my own advice to not sacrifice form!

My goals for future CFT's are to squat twice my body weight, deadlift my body weight and a half, and press 100#.

Dream big and train hard,


Sobrina Tung said...

amazing! i don't think i could ever lift this much or have such good for while doing so.