Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Progress Report: 4 Weeks Out to West Coast Classic

Last Saturday was four weeks out to West Coast Classic. Prep has been improving since my last update. My physique has been taking shape and my muscles are looking fuller. Figure athletes compete at 10-13% body fat level. Currently I am around 20%. My trainer has adjusted my nutrition plan and cardio split for the next four weeks. So in four weeks, I will either be backstage in my suit or I will be ready two weeks ahead of schedule for the San Jose Show. Either way, it's a win-win situation.

{double front biceps}

To document my progress, Sobrina and I ventured out to take photos of me in my new favorite dress. The dress was an expensive Target buy for $22 and worth it. Its cut is flattering to my developing figure physique. The spaghetti strap halter style cut of the bodice accentuate my delts, which after weeks of training hard are finally beginning to pop. The above the knee length of the skirt is just short enough to reveal developed calves (especially in heels) and quads. Visible progress has been motivating.

{finally full looking delts!}

{I do love my calluses.}

{match.com worthy?}

Happy training,


Liz said...

You're right, that dress looks great on you! You will be ready in no time! Also, confession: I mess with my callouses too :) bad(?) habit of mine!