Monday, May 9, 2011

Progress Report: 7 Weeks Out to West Coast Classc

This is the countdown of week 7 to week 6. Quick update on prep so far

I just started my suit ordering process. On the recommendation of my trainer, I contacted Suits By Celeste. I should be getting my swatches soon. I'm excited about getting my first figure suit!

{She made this suit for my trainer. Mine won't be as fancy.}

Training progress: AM Cardio is still a challenge for me. I'm making up for the days that I don't get up early, I go at lunchtime. Definitely not as effective, but is something for now.

Nutrition progress: "Eat all your food!" That's what my trainer keeps telling me. I am trying to stick as much as possible to my plan. Client lunches and all day meetings throw it off. Need to feed my muscles.

Physique progress: I'm starting to get "shape" to my physique. We train back pretty hard and shoulders. My trainer has been incorporating a lot of pre-fatiguing of a muscle group before the actual training begins.

I will get pictures up this week to document my transformation!