Saturday, May 14, 2011

Session 1 = Calisthenics + Tabata

On Friday, I woke up excited to get my day started so I could get to 5:30p already. Because at 5:30p, I was going to drop everything and try to do this work-life balance thing that I keep hearing about and be on my way to Session 1 of Fit Camp!

The session started with the weigh-in, measuring our body fat, and reviewing our goals for the weekend with our trainer. We were instructed to give only 60% today so we could ease into the weekend. Although today was calisthenics (not my favorite kind of training), I had fun because it was tabata style!

{practicing my side pose with my lovely trainer}

"Tabata" anything is a great way to challenge your cardio and muscle endurance. The basic definition of Tabata is pick an exercise, do work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat 8 times aka for 4 minutes. To get through tabata the first few times, definitely pace your reps through the intervals, so you can do about the same amount of reps, if not more, with each interval. Lactic acid, jelly arms and legs, increased heart rate are going to creep in the last half of the intervals. Until you build up the endurance, keep a steady pace.

{Dean is hardcore. He's competed in CrossFit Games.}

Our workout:

pull-ups with the band

women v. men - most slam balls in 4 minutes, 6#
(women won, 240-196! so that's 400m less for tomorrow morning's track workout)