Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sessions on Sunday in Pictures

Sunday was about endurance. We trained shoulders in the AM and immediately headed for a steep two or three hour hike at Alum Rock Park. We had a three hour break and came back to the gym for legs and a mobility and stretching session with Tom Rankin.
{I had camera issues on Sunday, so was only able to get limited pictures with my iPhone.}

{of course climbing hills for hours on end wasn't enough.
we took turns every mile wearing the 15# vest.}

{dean at the top of what we think is the real Alum Rock.}

{huong: what is in your lunch?}

{Huong: good, no cheating this weekend.
she didn't really say those things :) }

In addition to the vest, we carried our lunches on the hike and had a picnic at the peak. The rain clouds cleared and the hailing stopped for just enough time for us to enjoy the view of San Jose. Trust me, it was beautiful. Although I wasn't able to get a picture of the view, I did get a good shot of this...

{banana slug that we saw on our way out of the park}

{light at the end of the tunnel, stretching with Tom}

Happy Training,