Monday, May 2, 2011

Squats, Squats, and More Squats...

Today my trainer changed up legs day with a CrossFit WOD (workout of the day). Rather than our usual hack squats (hate these btw), leg presses, and walking lunges, we did "lots of reps" as she put it and she wasn't kidding. We ended up doing over 180 reps. Breaking up the reps with three types of squats (overhead, front, and back) made the time fly by. Adding in max reps to the workout brought out my competitive streak and made it fun.

{Chris easily clearing #135 on her max rep after her 10's.}

Squats are a MUST when it comes to physical fitness. The movement engages almost all of your legs' muscle fibers and builds core strength. If you are a beginner, I recommend scaling this WOD and just doing air squats until you perfect your squat technique. As you gain strength, you can add in dumbbells and then move onto the Olympic bar + plates.

Tips for good squat form

- Keep your chest open and don't round your back aka don't fold in half as you sit back. To determine this, your chest should NOT be on your legs when you are fully sitting back.
- To keep form as you sit back, suck in your core which will also protect your lower back and stick out your butt as if you were hovering over a dirty seat.
- If you are working on getting low on your squats, keep a low bench or step behind you until you build your confidence. The bench will serve as a safety in case you fall to catch you and will let you know when you've completed the movement to come back up.


Overhead squats 30-20-10
(55#, 65#,75#)
Max rep in between sets

Front squats 30-20-10
(65#, 75#, 85#)
Max rep in between sets

Back squats 30-20-10
(85#, 100#, 105#)
Max rep in between sets
(for max reps, we either added 10# or used the # from the next set of reps)

At the end, Chris and I got pumped with our max reps and went for our PR's.
New PR for Chris = 175#!!!
New PR for me = 165# (10# more than my last)

Happy training,