Sunday, May 22, 2011

What is P90x?

P90x--we've all seen the infomercials and some of us have seen great results from users. When P90x came out, my curiosity was piqued. I was curious about the training regime because it required minimal gym equipment. Shortly after P90x came out, Insanity also came out. I opted to purchase Insanity for its intense cardio training over purchasing another weight lifting routine. My P90x curiosity was never satisfied though, until today...

{housesitting has its perks}

I did two P90x workouts today: "Legs and Back" and "Plyometrics." I did glutes yesterday, so thought legs would be a good way to balance out my lower body. Plyometrics, I heard, was the toughest routine to get through.

{equipment required were bands or a pull-up bar and
weights were optional}

Work-out Reviews

Legs & Back: In short, the routine was a circuit series of various lunges and squats with various pull-ups (wide-grip, reverse wide-grip, close grip, etc.) worked in between. I expected the workout to be lots of heavy lifting. I was slightly disappointed that it was mostly lunges and hand weights were used to increase intensity. Because the exercises were performed in a circuit, my heart rate stayed high, and I got a good sweat from it.

Plyometrics: This work-out is as easy or as tough as you want it to be. The series included common plyo moves like jump squats and jump lunges. I was introduced to jumping jack squats and leap frog squat walks. The sequencing of moves kept the work-out moving along. As with most work-out videos, there's modifications to increase and to lower intensity. If you keep up with the instructor, you definitely get your heart rate going. 3/4 of the way through my quads were burning and my heart was pumping. This is one that I'd do again to change up my cardio routine.

Beginner or intermediate exercisers would get the most benefit out of the series. The routines keep your heart rate up and introduce you to workout routines. Based on the two workouts I did, I'd recommend the series to those with limited gym access or those looking to tone muscles or have the primary goal of fat loss.

Happy training,