Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where Are My Lats?

Our Monday workout was calisthenics, everyone's favorite --NOT! :P We paired off and between the two of us, we did 600 reps of whatever combination of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and slam ball that we decided on. While resting between exercises, I noticed Chris' back while she was doing her pull-ups. She's been changing her lifestyle - focusing on eating cleaner in addition to keeping up with her workout routine. The results have been visible in her strength, endurance, and physique.

When I gave her kudos on her lats, she asked, "Where are my lats again?" So Chris, below is a quick diagram of your back muscles.

{it's not a perfect trace but should give you an idea
of where the major muscles are. Rhomboid arrows aren't long
enough - they peek from underneath the traps. Too tired to re-edit...}

For anyone who wants more detail or clarity, see the image below :)

{photo courtesy of backblitz.com}

The workout wasn't as difficult to get through as I had expected. We were all hurting from CrossFit Total the day before and pushed through. Push-ups were difficult for me to get through, so I racked up reps with dips.

{Dean, Huong, and Mike's "hunger pain"}

{Amy advocating hydration during workouts.}

Happy (belated) Memorial Day,