Thursday, June 16, 2011

Get Your Glutes in Gear with SDHP

Today was our first session this week with our trainer. After her well-deserved extended weekend, she was ready to get us in gear with a total body endurance workout that kicked our butts, literally -- rowing, SDHP, pushups, and abs.

{I'm baaaack!}

Push-ups and rowing, you've probably heard of. But SDHP? SDHP are sumo deadlift high pulls. This lift is particularly fun because it's an explosive lift that hits my favorite muscle groups, glutes and delts.

I consider this lift to be an advanced lift. If you don't have your deadlift or barbell high-pull form down, I'd recommend doing this with very light or no weights to work on your form before attempting to do this with weights. Because it is a modified deadlift, poor form can lead to a lower back injury.

Tips On Proper SDHP Form

This video has a great movement breakdown of SDHP. The move is dynamic so it's difficult to explain via still pictures. When done in an explosive manner, the move will look like the demonstration in this video.

Below are quick tips to be mindful of before you get started:

{the start position}

SDHP is the combination of three moves that lead into each other as they are performed:

1. Sumo position: Position feet wider than shoulder width apart and point toes outward. This position is a great way to get extra focus on your glutes and inner thighs.

2. Deadlift: Keep the bar close to shins, your back straight and core tight. Hips are high. Be mindful of keeping your shoulders back and chest up as you are flowing through the deadlift part of the exercise.

3. Barbell high-pull: As you pull the bar up, remember to lead upward with your elbows and to keep the bar close to your body.

The transition from the deadlift to the high-pull is where the explosion happens. Again, please view the videos above to see how the transition is done.

{Amy in the end position.}


1500m row
120 SDHP
120 Push-ups

Reps could be partitioned into as many sets as we wanted as long as we completed all the reps.

{Broke down push-ups and for SDHP 65# into 4x30.}

{3x500m rows}

Of course, a training session wouldn't be complete without abs.

{incline sit-ups with two-arm medicine ball chest pass}

{"rainbows" aka holding in a sit-up position and pass a weighted ball hand to hand}

{Amy was happy that she remembered her gloves today.}

{Putting our trainer to work :P }

How was your workout today?

Happy training,