Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Those Summer Buns

Summer is finally in swing in San Jose! We've had a fantastically hot weather week. With hot weather of course comes the bathing suits, short shorts and skirts. If you are like me and suffer from "long back" (as one of my friends calls it), your glutes need constant attention in order to keep its shape or give it any shape all. To perk up your buns in your summer outfits, try the set of exercises below. It's a great way to build muscle and also work your core.

The Routine

Smith Machine Sumo Squats
superset with
Smith Machine One-Legged Squat

{Smith Machine Sumo Squats
left: start position, right: end position}

For weighted sumo squats and one-legged squats, I prefer to use the smith machine because of the safety features of the machine (the bar can be locked onto the rack easily) and because the machine only allows vertical movement, it's allows me to lift more than I would normally be able to lift with a free bar.

For tips on squats, check out this post. The difference between an ordinary squat and a sumo squat is your feet positioning. To assume the sumo stance, you will need to put your feet slightly more than hip width apart and turn your toes out slightly. This stance will work your glutes, hams and inner thighs more than a regular squat stance. I focus on squeezing my glutes and inner thighs as a I come up from the down position.

{Smith Machine One-Legged Squat
left: start position, right: end position}

One legged squat - whether weighted or unweighted really burn my glutes. When I do them weighted, I like to place my back leg on a stool rather than put my leg in front of me. It's tougher to stabilize weight on my back with my leg in front of me. Same rules of squatting apply to this exercise too. For this exercise, I focus more on bringing my back knee straight down and pushing up with my glutes and hams of the front leg. Continual reps really make it burn.

Any other exercises that you do to get your glutes in shape?

Happy training,