Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Stairway to Hell

300 steps tucked away in the Communication Hill neighborhood of San Jose is where my trainer held her Friday afternoon session for her Summer Fit Camp. I took a late lunch to enjoy the sun and the training.

{bottom of the Stairway to Hell}

I am a fan of running stairs. It's not as boring as just regular running and hurts my knees less than running on pavement. Also, I'll do anything to get my glutes in shape. What could be better than drills on 300 steps in 88 degree weather?

{it's really not that bad, just pace yourself}

Before I left the house this morning, I remembered my hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and completely forgot to grab my water bottle of my desk at work. DON'T FORGET WATER! Luckily Dean brought extra bottles (thanks Dean! :). Definitely important to hydrate during workouts, especially when training in the heat.

{Sob giving her quads a good stretch before we got started. Good form
tip - keep both thighs parallel to each other, keep the bent
knee pointed downward.}

{On your marks, get set, go!}

The Workout

Run laterally up the stairs and jog down. One set with right and one with the left leg leading.
3 sprints up and down the stairs
Walk around a loop around the neighborhood for the cool down.

Of course the sprints couldn't be that easy. We were to beat our first sprint time in either the second or third sprint. If we couldn't, we had to do a "buddy run". Basically, running with our trainer on our backs :) None of us ended up doing that.

{my strategy was to pace myself going up and then make-up my time coming down.}

We made it and back to work pretty close to an hour later.

{my trainer and the guys}

Happy training,
Nathalie :)


A Fine Balance said...

barf i hate stairs too! : )

Sobrina Tung said...

that was a killer workout but it was fun and not monotonous at all -- thanks for letting me tag along!

Amy said...

Those stairs are tough! Great work-out though and beautiful views from the top! Good job Nat! :)

Stacy said...

Thanks for the great tip! On long summer days, I hate staying inside or going to a gym after work. Now I have no excuse!

Nathaniel McNamara said...

great pics! looked like a fun workout!

Lovely said...

I Feel The Same Way About Day Dreaming About Being A Fitness Competitor! Good Luck To You! And Are There Really 300? I Counted 225... Lol

Chri$erkiT said...

how do i get there?