Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happiness = Work/Life/Training Balance

Three weeks ago, I hit my tipping point and tipped. I took a much needed, although unplanned, break from training to get my affairs in order and clear my head.

Like most you, I juggle work and training. Generally I find training to be my outlet for stress, especially for work –related stress. When work-stress becomes overwhelming I find it difficult to stay focused on training and prep.

{in La Jolla, California a week after I was suppose to compete}

My tipping point came when I tried on my suit two weeks before the San Jose Show. After months of getting myself mentally ready and going through prep, I still wasn’t able to lean out enough. I felt so disappointed in myself seeing how I looked in the suit. Competing is a big mental game. I wasn’t happy with my results in the gym or at work. Both were becoming demotivating. My trainer said if I compete that I need to do it right and that the shows will still be there. I took her advice.

When stress becomes too much, I tend to shut out everything and focus on fixing whatever the problem seems to be. In the end, this all leads up to a big decision, after five years with my employer, I resigned. Tough decision to make, but I joined a thriving organization and am now surrounded by others who love what they do and feel valued.

During my time off from training, I decided to enjoy my free time. I am definitely going to prep and compete for a show in 2011, so I know this freedom wouldn’t last long. I enjoyed warm weather outdoors and sunsets – something that I don’t get to see often when I’m in the gym.

{warm weather and beautiful beaches in La Jolla}

{sunset at Natural Bridges Park in Santa Cruz, Ca}

{sunset over the natural bridges}

This is my first week at my new job. Next week, I am back in the gym and will be ready to prep. Happiness really is priceless as cheesy as it sounds :)

{enjoying 106 degree heat walking through Joshua Tree National Park}

It's only my second season in the NPC and it's okay that I'm still finding my groove in balancing my goals and my life in and outside the gym. I think it's okay because I want to do everything well and because its fun. Feeling rejuvenated and ready to go already!

Happy training,