Monday, September 19, 2011

"The Dreaded 'enter Company name here' 15"

I thought the "Freshman 15" was a once in a lifetime battle. After freshman year of college, I was supposed to be out of the clear -- all-you-can-eat meals were suppose to lose their appeal. It hasn't. Our company has lunch catered in every day and packaged snacks galore. Apparently as an adult, the "Freshman 15" has evolved to "'enter Company name here' 10" or even "15".

{that's right - no parking, it's bootcamp time!}

In an effort to help us manage the "dreaded 15," our company has sponsored an on-site bootcamp - three days of bootcamp and one walking class a week. Pretty cool deal. All we have to do is show-up dressed to workout at 5:30p in the parking lot. Last week, I was able to attend a class. I was impressed that so many people (at least 12) showed up after a long day of work. So awesome that people were up for it and everyone was a good sport. The trainer put together a set of exercises to accommodate the range of fitness levels. It was a mix of exercises that challenged your body weight strength.

Below are the exercises that we did. You can create your own backyard bootcamp by rotating through the back and leg exercises until you complete three sets of each. Add in a cardio option in between each exercise and voila, you've created your own bootcamp. Ideally, you want to run through the exercises, including the cardio, without breaks. Until your endurance is built up, break as needed and hydrate throughout the workout.

The Workout


  • 10 5-count push-ups (slow and focused push-up)
  • 1 minute to 90 seconds of supermans (Lay flat on stomach. Raise arms straight out front and squeeze glutes to bring legs up. Hold position.)


  • 1 minute to 90 seconds in Sumo squat position (add in air punches or arm circles)
  • 50 "butt kickers" (staying in a modified handstand push-up position, jump to kick your butt... I can't find a video of this, so I am not sure if this is what the exercise is really called)

  • 1 minute of scissor kicks
  • 1 minute of plank
  • 1 minute of oblique raises (side planks)
  • 15 V-sit-ups and 30 second hold at the end

Cardio options

  • 20 jump squats in place
  • 1-3 minutes high knees in place
  • 1-3 minutes jog in place
  • 1-3 minutes of mountain climbers

Happy training,