Monday, August 6, 2012

Pre-Fatigue For a Better Workout

Pre-fatigue muscles for a better workout? Why would I do that? My arms so tired by the second exercise... Ok, that's just whining that sometimes comes out when I'm pre-fatiguing because I hate that initial weak feeling. Post-workout, the feeling of a thorough workout kicks butt. 

The basis behind pre-fatiguing muscles is to work the largest muscle in the group (delts in this case) in a single joint movement that isolates the major muscle before moving to multi-joint movements that include assisting muscle groups (triceps). 

Benefits of pre-fatiguing muscles include 
  • Working your muscle during the pre-fatigue or single joint workout and forcing the muscle to work twice as during the multi-joint workout
  • Strengthening joint stability
  • Breaking training plateaus
Dean and me doing our handstand push-ups.
For our delts workout, we did the following: 
  • Dumbbell lat raises (isolation movement)
  • Barbell shoulder presses/push-presses (compound movement)
  • Single-arm kettlebell one arm rows (compound movement)
  • Handstand push-ups (isolation movement)

  • Bodypart: Isolation Movement/Compound Movement
  • Legs: Leg extension/Squat
  • Legs: Lying Leg Curl/Leg Press
  • Back: Decline Pullover/Close-Grip Pulldown
  • Shoulders: Cable Lateral Raise/Overhead Press
  • Triceps: Pressdown/Bench Dip
  • Chest: Cable Crossover/Decline Bench Press
  • Biceps: Dumbbell Curl/ Chin-up (underhand grip)
Try it out and see if you feel any differences. 

Happy training,