Monday, August 4, 2014

Colorado Travel Tips: Hiking Maxwell Falls

Beautiful Sunday afternoon! Maxwell Falls Trail is in the Forest ahead.
Each weekend there's a line of parked cars along the side of a main two-way road in our neighborhood. If you follow the line of cars, it leads you to the overflowing Lower Maxwell Falls parking lot. According to my neighbors, this trail has only recently gained popularity. Scott and I have been meaning to make our way over the Falls. The house projects have been taking up our free time on the weekends.

This weekend was an unexpected two days of pure blue skies and sunshine. Plus we completed our house projects on Saturday! Sunday = perfect day for a hike :) Our neighbor offered to be our guide on the hike.

If you plan on hiking Maxwell Falls, here's a few tips:
  • Middle trailhead is unmarked and is about two miles further up the road from the Lower Maxwell Falls entrance. This is the best place to find parking.
Saw this mushroom on the way to the car.
  • The trails are a worn out and washed out in some areas because of the heavy foot traffic and recent storms. Pay attention to the trail to make sure you stay on it.
  • If you start from the middle trailhead, you can go left to an awesome lookout point on a huge boulder. If you go right on the trail, it is an easy 15 minutes to the waterfall.
Lookout Point
  • If you are doing the entire loop from the Middle Trailhead, start by going left. There's less uphill and you can finish off the loop with the Falls. The entire loop is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. According to my HR monitor, I burned approximately 650 calories on the hike.
Scott in front of the Falls. The best view of the Falls is by this wooden marker.
  • Check the weather forecast the morning before you go. A sunny morning is not predictive of a clear afternoon. You don't want to be stuck in the forest during a lightening storm.
  • There's rattlesnakes in the Forest. We heard a couple of them as we were walking through. Stay on the trail!  
Happy hiking!


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Nathalie! Your blog is really informative for those who want to do the hike on the Maxwell Falls. I am planning to go there after my baltimore bus tours. It is really a beautiful little waterfall. I will follow your suggestion during my next trips. I will also share these tips with my tourist friends.

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