Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plan B Workouts

I can say that I've been working out 4 to 5 days a week over the last month. Go me! I can't say that I have been making it to an actual gym for each workout. I avoid driving in major thunderstorms when possible and I've been car-less a couple days a week. My lazy self would have normally written these days off, but this last month, I have discovered the power of at-home workouts on good ol' YouTube to supplement my lifting workouts. Having a plan B for workouts has helped me stay on track.

Here are a few finds on YouTube:

Superhero Fitness TV with Keaira LaShae - Many, many moons ago, I attempted to live my dream of being a hip hop dancer. After the first session at a hip hop dance studio, I realized it would only be a dream. I am not ashamed to admit that I have no rhythm and coordination when it comes to moving my limbs while doing 8 or even 4 counts. Keaira LaShae is a high energy choreographer, singer, and trainer who has fun and intense dance/hip-hip workouts. She demonstrates beginner, intermediate and advanced modifications for her workouts and is feeling the burn with you. My two favorite Keaira workouts are hip hop tabata and 90's throwback dance workouts which I usually do back to back.

For the yogis, YouTube is a haven for yoga workouts. Every time I feel like I need a good stretch, I think, "yoga is a good idea". Every time I start a yoga class or a video, I am thinking, "this is so boring. I can't do this entire class." Of all the types of yoga out there, I prefer Vinyasa yoga over the others because it's a constant flow of movements. If you are interested in yoga, I recommend yoga with Adriene or with Tim. I did 20 minutes of yoga from their Vinyasa videos to stretch out, and they are excellent with explaining the movements as they go.

Befit channel has tons of videos, including all of Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shreds and yoga videos. It's a great resource for beginner workouts or for a change of pace. I tried one of the extreme workouts on the channel and it reminded me of a P90x or Insanity workout. There's a lot of fast movements that aren't fully being explained, so unless you have some workout experience, don't injure yourself trying to keep up with the fast talking host.

FitnessBlender is an awesome channel. It has great at-home workouts for almost anything you want. I recommend this for at-home HIIT or boot-camp type workouts and for exploring new workouts. I stumbled upon the channel when looking for a barre workout. Barre was all the rage in the Bay Area, and I wanted to check it out. After doing the workout, barre isn't for me. I don't like doing a ton of sumo air squats with no weights, it wasn't enough of a challenge for me and most of the moves were tough on my knees. It was fun to try it though.

Next time, you want to make an excuse to not workout or go to the gym, check out these channels for inspiration and motivation. Try a new workout without leaving your home. How awesome is that! Granted  most of these workouts won't replace a good hypertrophy lifting session, but it will help you stay active and burn calories... better than watching HGTV during your gym time :)

Happy training,


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Tamara Croes said...

just found your blog. Great tips! I will start following your blog. I have had to stop running because of a broken toe and now I am in the Change and it is really changing everything. But I have come back on track with doing yoga every morning, varying workouts (like combining yoga and Pilates). Adriene is indeed great and I also use Boho Beautiful a lot. Will get back to doing other workouts as well so I will certainly check your blog. Beautiful setting, Colorado. I am from tropical Aruba myself but I currently live in cold Sweden.
Thanks and go girl!