Monday, October 12, 2015

Finally, A Challenging Total Body Workout

Sometimes I need a break from creating my own workouts. I want to go into the gym with a plan, hit play on my podcast, and just lift (like a beast of course).

On the internets you can find a plethora of total body workout ideas, but they usually have the same lifts that I do regularly or they have an insane number of bodyweight movements, which I was not looking for at this point in my plan. After hours of searching (ironic, right? Too lazy to create a workout, but spend days searching for a workout, lol), I found inspiration from Ashley Conrad's 21-day Clutch Cut program on The workout is a fun mix of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises.

I gave it a try, and 4 rounds kicked my butt!

Here is how I modified the workout for myself:

12 reps per exercise, 4 sets with 1 minute break in between sets


  1. dumbbell clean and press with 25# db
  2. walking lunges
  3. push-ups
  4. bench dips
  5. OH squats to work on my core strength and balance
  6. assisted pull-ups 
  7. medicine ball jumping jacks with 15# medicine ball
  8. incline push-ups with hands closer to chest to work on chest strength
  9. dumbbell bicep curls with 15# db
  10. side lateral raises with 15# db
  11. single-arm dumbbell rows 25# -30# db

Review of the workout:

  • Definitely recommend it to anyone - you can modify the difficulty of the workout by increasing the weights, types of squats, types of pull-up and push-ups or number of  reps and sets.
  • Easy to do at the gym or at home - you just need to acquire the dumbbells, a ledge / bench, pull-up bar or machine availability, and small space to do the exercises, you don't need to wait around for machines to be available. 
  • Efficient - you work every major muscle group AND get cardio conditioning at the same time!

Anyone else have a good TBW to share? If you gave this one a try, let me know if it kicked your butt too.

Happy Training,