About Me

Stop saying you can't because you can...

I'm a fitness enthusiast who's passionate about training and helping others overcome their fears of taking the first step on their weight loss journeys. Gyms shouldn't be intimidating to anyone who wants to better themselves and healthier eating habits shouldn't be shameful. I'm a big supporter and admirer of people who aren't afraid to take that first step.

In 2009, I made a commitment to myself to change my lifestyle and be sustainably healthy which meant no yo-yo diets, no junk food binges, no more hating what I looked like when I saw myself in a bikini... This had to be a maintainable lifestyle. Two years later (after CrossFit, enlisting a personal trainer who is also a pro IFBB figure competitor, entering a body transformation contest, and proving to my trainer that I really wanted to sculpt my physique and had the heart to compete), I've kept off 30+ lbs and continue to improve my physique.

I am a huge believer in taking small steps to build good habits. Nothing comes easy so don't say you can't before you even commit yourself to your goals.